Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Villa de Álvarez-Minatitlán road closed

Work on the Villa de Álvarez to Minatitlán road has stopped until weather conditions improve. The work has been a stabilization project on some dangerous areas. There is a bypass from Rastrojitos to El Sauz San Antonio but it's very narrow and not for a weak stomach.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Access to Nevado de Colima closed

Gated access to the Nevado de Colima

The state Civil Protection unit Jalisco ordered the closure of access to the national park of El Nevado, due to weather conditions.

To all the people who wanted to visit this weekend are advised to wait for the announcement of new access when the weather improves and greater risks to the integrity of individuals and their vehicles do not exist. (March 14, 2015)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The construction of the Petatera - Documentary

The construction of the monumental Petatera - Villa de Álvarez

The video was made by director Bogart Rodríguez, and is part of the documentary series "Traditions Colimotas" produced by the Ministry of Culture of the State Government, where many of the important activities in each of the municipalities of the state traditions are explored.

In the documentary the construction of the monumental Petatera observed in addition to the testimony of several important characters that perform the work, talk about the tradition and the reasons why San Felipe de Jesus is the patron saint of the town and others whom are engaged in this festival, but also shows how after the fiesta is over, the work of craftsmen dismantle the bullring.

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Colima is a state in western Mexico. It shares its name with its capital and main city, Colima, Colima. Colima is a small state, sharing a border with the Mexican states of Jalisco to the north and east, and Michoacán to the south. To the west Colima borders the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the capital city of Colima, the state's main cities include Manzanillo and Tecomán.

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