Sunday, March 16, 2014

1,500-year-old shaman discovered in Colima grave

Ancient shaman discovered in Mexican tomb: 1,500-year-old sculpture found guarding bodies in underground shaft

-- The tomb, complete with the figure, was uncovered by archaeologists in the city of Villa de Alvarez in Colima, Mexico
-- Six pots of different sizes and human bones were found in the underground burial chamber along with the figure, which measures around 20 inches
-- Few of the statues have been found intact as many have fallen victim to grave robbers in the region

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    The Shaman

    He has been guarding a tomb for over 1,500 years.

    And only now have a team of archaeologists come across a shaman sculpture in an underground burial chamber in the state of Colima, Mexico.

    It is unusual to find one of the statues intact as many have fallen victim to tomb raiders over the centuries.
    The sculpture has a long face and holds a weapon - probably an axe - to guard the shaft tomb which was covered over by slabs of volcanic rock.

    It was uncovered by archaeologists at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) who have become the first people to see the sculpture in hundreds of years.

    Archaeologist Marco Zavaleta explained that the model was found in the entrance of an underground funerary space in Villa de Alvarez.

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