Sunday, April 01, 2007

Miguel de la Madrid Airport

Miguel de la Madrid Airport - Colima (CLQ)

The state has two airports. The Playa del Oro International Airport with domestic and international flights is located about 35 minutes north of Manzanillo. The Miguel de la Madrid Airport is near the capital city, Colima, in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc. The Colima airport is 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) northeast of town on the highway to Guadalajara.

I dropped by to check out the facilities on my last trip up to the Lake Chapala area. There are rental cars, taxis and vans.

Entrance road looking back at the Volcanos

Front of the termial

Terminal Lobby

Ticket counters - Mexicana, Avolar, Aero California

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Laguna de Carrizalillo

Laguna de Carrizaliillo is located about 18 kilometers north of Comala on Highway #16. This small lake offers cabins, overnight and day camping, boating, restaurants and has a little store. It´s probably not a good idea to try to swim there. There are some great views of the Colima volcano and looking back towards Colima city. Very relaxing place

Sign on the road where you enter

The lake and rental boats

One of a few restaurants

View of the volcano

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Colima City Map

Click to see it larger

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nogueras and Comala

We spent 2 days in the Colima-Comala area visiting with the Project Amigo folks. The dance on the Suchitlan Plaza was the second night just a block from our place. Carrizalillo is a recreation park a few miles up the road towards the volcano. We had one lunch at the Comala portales after visiting the adjoining town of Nogueras. Nogueras has a beautiful little Eco Park and plaza, a large ruin of a sugar mill and some very attractive old houses. There's also a museum there but it was closed.

Nogueras and Comala Pictures

Carrizalillo view of Volcano

Comala Portales

Nogueras Eco Parque

Nogueras Plaza

Nogueras house

Suchitlán dance
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Colima is a state in western Mexico. It shares its name with its capital and main city, Colima, Colima. Colima is a small state, sharing a border with the Mexican states of Jalisco to the north and east, and Michoacán to the south. To the west Colima borders the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the capital city of Colima, the state's main cities include Manzanillo and Tecomán.

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