Saturday, January 24, 2015

Festejos Charro Taurinos - 2015

Festejos Charro Taurinos
Villa de Álvarez 2015

Traditional and ancient Celebration Taurinos Charro, has for its visitors countless elements that make it unique in its kind. The Petatera (bullring built of wood, ropes and mats), horseback riding and mojigangos, the receptions, the rodeos and clowns, formal runs, competitions, exhibitions, rides, horsemanship, sports events and cultural, but above all the hospitality, friendliness and warmth of its people.

Los Tucanes de Tijuana, sábado 7 de febrero.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuba - a drink from the Philippines

This tradition originated in the Philippines and was handed down through the generations. It then arrived in Mexico by means of the Manila Galleon.

When the Manila galleon arrived on the Colima coast in the 16th century in search of lime that was so necessary to prevent scurvy among its passengers, it disembarked groups of Philippine workers, who came to grow sugar cane and rice in the fields of the region.

The exchange of customs between both countries that had both been taken over by Spain soon bore fruit. Chocolate, tamales, tortillas pozole (a thick, pork based broth) were sent from Mexico and from the Philippines came, among other things, shawls and the tuba. This term comes from the Philippine and means a nutritious, refreshing drink which is an extract of the coconut palm flower.
By: Guadalupe Silva
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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Historical Colima photos in Jardín Libertad all January

Taken in 1928 at Boca de Pascuales

Colima, Col.- Will continue on display all of January in the Jardín Libertad a series of photographs of old, the product of  a Antigua Photography contest organized by the Ministry of Culture of the State Government, which has aim to preserve and disseminate the visual memory of Colima.

Since last December 17 the exhibition consists of two winning photos of the contest, six honorable mentions and other fifty pictures of aesthetic, historical and cultural relevance.

In the pictures you can see families posing in group images, personal pictures, to scenes of everyday life, old buildings, significant moments in our organization, such as arrival at Colima former President Adolfo Lopez Mateos, a car accident with the first ambulance arrived at the state, a boy dressed as a soldier, among other photos that give reference to trades, customs, traditions and development of modernity that changed the face of Colima with the passage of time.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Eruption not a threat - Colima Volcano

Explosions not a threat Colima Volcano

The State Civil Protection Unit of Jalisco issued a statement informing about the explosions Colima Volcano recorded during the early hours of Saturday January 3, noting that no hazard to surrounding communities and population. 

In municipalities of southern Jalisco, the explosion of 3000 meters and winds have caused the fall of ash, so it is recommended that people avoid going outside. 

In Ciudad Guzman an ashfall was reported, and the possibility that it also falls in the municipalities of Tonila, Zapotiltic, Mazamitla, Tamazula, Valle de Juarez. 

Faced with falling ash, Civil Protection recommended that people avoid going outside and cover eyes, nose and mouth.
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Colima is a state in western Mexico. It shares its name with its capital and main city, Colima, Colima. Colima is a small state, sharing a border with the Mexican states of Jalisco to the north and east, and Michoacán to the south. To the west Colima borders the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the capital city of Colima, the state's main cities include Manzanillo and Tecomán.

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