Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuba - a drink from the Philippines

This tradition originated in the Philippines and was handed down through the generations. It then arrived in Mexico by means of the Manila Galleon.

When the Manila galleon arrived on the Colima coast in the 16th century in search of lime that was so necessary to prevent scurvy among its passengers, it disembarked groups of Philippine workers, who came to grow sugar cane and rice in the fields of the region.

The exchange of customs between both countries that had both been taken over by Spain soon bore fruit. Chocolate, tamales, tortillas pozole (a thick, pork based broth) were sent from Mexico and from the Philippines came, among other things, shawls and the tuba. This term comes from the Philippine and means a nutritious, refreshing drink which is an extract of the coconut palm flower.
By: Guadalupe Silva
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