Sunday, November 26, 2006

Project Amigo dental clinic in Suchitlán Colima

We drove 5 kids from Melaque up to The little village of Cofradía de Suchitlán outside Comala Colima for a special dental clinic they put on for us. Most of our kids had not been to Colima let alone in the mountains at the base of Colima volcano. They had teeth fixed and an adventure at the same time.

Project Amigo is run by a great bunch of people and has been working in Colima for 25 years. Their offices are in a beautiful old home in Suchitlán. I'll let you read more about it on their web page. Ted has given up part of his home, a block away, for the dental office.

Project Amigo Web Site

Kids getting snacks and orientation

Dental office

Garden behind dental office

Kiosko in the Suchitlán Plaza

Suchitlán main street

Volcano from Suchitlán entrance

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Ruins of El Chanal and La Campana

El Chanal - archeological zone located some 4.5 kms. north of Colima. First explored by archeologist Vladimiro Rosado Ojeda in 1945, the site extends over some 140 hectares on both sides of the Rio Verde. It comprises ceremonial plazas, altars, pyramids and several ball courts. Particularly prevalent on the site are figures of the Rain God, Tlaloc. Characteristics of artifacts made of clay and obsidian with the use of metals indicate that the inhabitants of El Chanal were in some way related to Tula.

The biggest and the oldest archeological zone in the state is "La Campana" from 600-900 AD. La Campana is located in Villa de Álvarez between ITC (Tec de Colima) and "La Comercial" mall. La Campana has the only "Tumba de Tiro" open to the public in Colima. Inside the grave you can see handmade figures like the little dogs and old instruments made of mud and obsidian.

Ruins at Chanal

Ruins at Chanal

Ruins at La Campana

Ruins at La Campana

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